flight caseFlight cases are specialized storage units that are used to provide protection and ease of transportation of valuable equipments or tools. Flight cases can be used to efficiently transport and protect your musical instruments, cameras, PDAs, guns, collections, important documents, knives, craft or carpentry tools and other equipments.They are usually square or rectangular in shape, have a handle, a lock and an interior compartment where your equipment can fit snugly into. The exterior is made of durable and water-proof material to prevent unwanted damage to your equipment. The interior is made of foam that can be contoured to the shape of your tools and with accompanying belts and straps to keep it in place.

There are several types of flight cases. First is the A style which can be can be hinged or have a removable lid. This is the most common style. The lid is fixed with a hinge and has two or more latches. Second there is the Pull over lid which is usually used for stacking purposes for easy access and removal of the equipment. It also has a fixed lid and four or more latches to keep the lid in place. Another is the refrigerator style which has a hinged or removable front door which can also have an optional ramp or trap door. This is often used for equipments that can be used while inside the case. The briefcase type of flight case is the small and portable case that can be carried with ease and protect your small valuable objects such as computers, PDAs, documents, cellphone among others. The rackmount style has double clamp-on lids which can have both front and rear lids removable. Another type is the rolling case which has caster wheels if you need to move your flight case around a lot. This is specially useful if you travel a lot and you’re carrying heavy equipments.

There are also custom flight cases which are tailored to fit your equipment’s specifications and to cater to your specific needs. You can also add optional accessories such as heavy-duty casters, shelves, partitions, hidden trap doors, extra drawers, among others depending on how much space you need or how you want to organize your things.

If you’re looking for a flight case you can use, keep in mind the physical attributes of your equipment or tools and the intended usage of the flight case. For example, if you are a violinist who travels a lot, you would need a light weight but sturdy flight case you can carry around all the time to protect your instrument. But if your equipment is heavy and large, for example a audio-visual system or component, you may need a flight case that has wheels on it and preferably a ramp that would make transferring your equipment in and out of the box easier.

Having your own flight case may be a bit expensive but imagine the benefits that you derive from it. It prevents any damage toflight case your expensive equipments so you wont need to buy a new one or have it repaired due to poor handling and frequent traveling. Having your own flight case also makes you look more professional not only because of it’s style and appearance but it also shows how well you take care of your equipments and how well you present it to your clients or audience. It makes your musical instruments last longer and helps avoid scratches or dents, and it even keeps your other tools and equipment in great shape if you’re not going to use them for a while. It is also has a lock to deter thieves from taking away your important documents or items. Flight cases are a necessity to those who need security and protection for their most valuable investments and assets.